The Association of Estonian Writers’ Museums

The Association of Estonian Writers’ Museums is founded in April 2010. It embraces almost all the museums that are connected with writers or literature in Estonia. The main objectives are as follows:

  1. Valuing and protecting Estonian literary heritage and organising dissemination activities.
  2. Presenting and advancing knowledge of Estonian literature, cultural history and writers in Estonia.
  3. Participation in Estonian and European networks and projects.
  4. Practical schooling and training of the writers’ museums’ employees, protection of their professional interests.
  5. Advancing peer contacts in Estonia and other countries.

The Association organizes joint projects such as conferences, events, workshops, and exhibitions and supports the development of Estonian museums. Together we are aiming to make writers’ museums more visitor-friendly, modern and professional.

Preserving and drawing attention to writer museums is the Association’s founding mission: we work to strengthen partnerships in the network of the writers’ museums in Estonia. With different projects has grown also our international cooperation and has brought us valuable experiences about the ways to preserve and promote literary heritage better.

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